Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Has Come

I love spring. For someone who lives in the desert, spring is my favorite season. And for someone who loves to plant flowers, what can I say... spring is my favorite season. Our little garden in our front yard is displaying its beauty right now.

Just watching at these beauties gives me joy. How beautiful they are! God's amazing gift to mankind.

I love yellow flowers. Yellow is my next favorite color after green. To me, yellow represents joy.

Pinks, purples, reds, and whites. Colors that add glow to any garden.

What about the gentle colors of lavender? The sweet aroma that makes me want smell it without ceasing.

The hues of these blooms are mesmerizing. They may be tiny, but they carry themselves with elegance.

This bloody red hibiscus. It reminds me of "home" and my years of innocence.  We call this flower "gumamela" in the Philippines. When I was a little girl, we make and blow bubbles out of its leaves and flowers. Makes me wonder if the children of this generation back home still do the same. It's an experience that one will treasure all throughout their life.

These lovely tulips that greet me (us) each morning. They're a reminder of God's mercy. Each morning I see them, God blessed our household another day to celebrate and enjoy.

Life is beautiful. 
Just like these flowers. 
Life is colorful.
Just like these blooms.

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