Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vanilla Cupcakes with Jelly Belly Flower Toppings

Second day of my daughter's spring break and trying to find things she can do to avoid boredom. So, we decided to bake "her" vanilla cupcakes! While browsing through Glorious Treats (one of my favorite baking websites), I stumbled upon her cake with flowers made of jelly belly candies! Good thing, we have some leftover jelly bellies. Making the flowers out of jelly belly is very easy, my 5 year old can do it (of course I did the cutting)!
So proud of what she made!

I made buttercream frosting and tint it with very light green gel color. My daughter arranged each flower on top of the frosting and look so lovely! Quite easy to make and yet the outcome is so pretty. :)

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