Thursday, March 26, 2015

Psalm 103:17

Psalm 103 has been the cry of my soul these past years. I just want
to praise and bless God and Jesus as much as I can.
Whenever I read it, my heart just swells with joy. Maybe because
my soul feels satisfied everytime those words of praise come
out of my mouth.

This morning as I was reading this passage, I put more focus on verse 11.
"For as high is the heaven is above the earth, so great is His
love for those who fear Him." What an amazing love our Father
has for us. Fear in this verse does not mean "afraid" or "scared." It 
means "reverence." A lot of Christians and non-believers might
have mistaken the meaning of this word in this verse. I was one. Until
a message I heard from a pastor. My immature understanding was enlightened.

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