Friday, March 2, 2012

Ready for Summer 2012

Finally got the items I ordered from Disney Store yesterday and was so excited to let my daughter put on her new DS Tinker Bell 2012 swimwear collection. They are so cute! I got her the swimsuit, flip flops, and sunglasses. So delighted that I purchased everything for 25% off which is a good enough deal.

She loves her new swimwear! The flip flops are size 9/10 which is a little big big on her feet. I decided to get her the bigger size because there's not a lot of room to grow for size 7/8. She grows so fast, so I think within the next 3 months, the flip flops won't look as awkward as they are right now. Her swimsuit is size 2/3 which is the perfect fit for her size and age. The front is embellished with Tinker Bell and butterflies screen art and sequins. The embellishment makes it look fancy. She loves the four-layered skirt tutu, too! It made her say "I'm a princess!" while trying to sway her hips to show off her outfit. The sunglasses' lenses are a little bit small, but looks perfect on her as well as the fit. It's actually smaller than the DS Princess sunglasses. All in all, I love everything I got for her for summer water play!
I had to explain to her that the swimming pool's water is still cold. After I took off her swimwear, she wanted to put it back on. She wanted to go to the pool. My explanation was responded with, "go to ocean!" Now that's hilarious. I didn't know she's got a back-up plan just in case the first one doesn't work. :)

Summer is still 3 months away and yet my Evie can't wait to plunge into the pool or play in the water park anymore. Summer is Arizona is hot hot but it's going to be a fun, enjoyable season for my little fairy!

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