Saturday, March 3, 2012

Potty Training Breakthrough

I couldn't fully express my feeling as a mother when I found out yesterday that my daughter actually went potty in the toilet all by herself! Yup...potty, not pee pee! How awesome is that? I was the happiest and most proud Mama in the world that very moment. After looking into the toilet and finding out that there's "poo-poo" in there, my smile reached up to my ears and I screamed "yeaaahhhhhhh" to verbalize that great feeling pounding inside of me. My daughter joined me with my screaming and we hugged each other so tight. I had to do my potty cheer for her which made her so happy. Very very sweet, special moment for mother and daughter.

"Formal" Potty Training Culmination

Since last week, my toddler started to go to the toilet to pee all by herself. She pulls down her underpants, steps on to a stool, and sits on the toilet seat. I can say that her formal training for potty commenced last Friday (February 24). It's when she started to go to the toilet without my help. After she peed five times that day in her underpants that gushed on to the carpeted floor, the huge improvement with her potty training happened later that day. I think the frustration and disappointment she saw in my face after the five times accidents pushed her button to do better. I know it sounds kind of awful that my unpleasant emotions could possibly be the reason why all of a sudden there was a big improvement in her approach to potty training. But hey, I am not "Super Mom." I am a "human mom" like any mom who gets overwhelmed with unfavorable emotions sometimes. It's normal. It's okay.

Moreover, I realized that my frustration pressed me to make her go to the toilet by herself. She already knew how to take off and put on her undies, so I asked myself "why not" ask her to go without me. She has the basic skills and the tools, why not let her use them? All I need to do is teach and supervise.

She's used to get on-hand help from me everytime she has to go to the toilet, so there's a part of me that worried she might not want to do it alone. Surprisingly, she didn't refuse the first time I asked her to go pee pee in the bathroom. No resistance at all. Nothing. And suddenly, there's this joyful pride dancing inside of me for my daughter—her new-found independence. What a delight for a mother.

Not Once But Twice

Later that day, she surprised me even more. She went pee pee in the toilet without my reminder, twice. Now to tell you the truth, that improvement was too much for me. I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say it's "too much." But come to think of it. After five times of peeing on the floor, on the very same day came the quantum leap of potty training. I didn't expect her to improve that fast. She was still a rookie in the potty training world. I do not know what happened, but it just happened. Our setbacks that day turned into a boost...a pleasure...a victory, and most of all a closer mother and daughter bonding.

Training Continues

For most of the week, she has kept her underpants pee-free. There were still accidents, but very minimal. I still have to remind her every now and then to go pee and was 98% successful for the entire week. I also just discovered that she still needs to master going into the toilet with a dress on. I taught her how to pull up the dress when she goes pee-pee. Sometimes she gets it, sometimes not. But she's getting there!

Poo-poo Free Underpants, We're Coming

So, it's been a week now after my toddler's potty training breakthrough. Yesterday's all-day-no-dirty-underpants (no poo-poo) was amazing. I say it again, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I thought she'd only go pee-pee when she told me that she'll go. But her long stay in the bathroom made me wonder. I heard her call me, but didn't pay attention. For a moment I concluded that she was playing with the water in the sink again, so I went over and checked. She was still sitting on the toilet and her toy laptop that she took with her was laying on the floor. When I looked into the toilet, there's poo-poo! And it's a LOT of poo-poo! Whooaaa!!!! It's funny that a heap of poo-poo makes you want to dance and fills you with so much excitement. Well, for moms! And luckily, I AM A MOM!!! :)

By far, her going for poo-poo in the toilet independently is the most exciting (of all) for me as the teacher.  It's delightful to think and know that my two and a half years old student is now moving on to the next level of her basic toilet training education. I am savoring every moment of this experience. It's a very special and rewarding phase of my journey as a mother. No amount of money can compensate the reward I reap for every lesson I learned and every challenge I overcame. Pure joy is my prize.

Just "Had" Another Accident

As I was writing this blog, my daughter just had another one of those moments. She pee peed on her underpants rushing down onto the floor. My husband and I heard a gushing sound and we immediately knew what happened. The look on her face told us that she felt bad. We had to assure her, gave her a tight, loving hug, and told her that it's okay, along with a reminder about the toilet. See? Accidents can still happen. But this time, I no longer let my frustration and disappointment overtake me. My daughter has done such an awesome job of her part of the training. She deserves the understanding, the support, and most of all the love that she needs.

Tips for Potty Training

After the whole process of this potty training experience with my daughter, I would love to share tips to moms who are just starting to do the job. I tell you, it's very challenging, but, VERY REWARDING. Every tiny bit of the adventure you will encounter is worth it. You may not recognize it along the way, but after the journey, you surely will know more in your heart than in your mind.

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