Thursday, May 21, 2015

Graduating With Flying Colors

Evie in her graduate robe and cap.
Today, we hit another milestone. Our Evie graduated in kindergarten. Where has
time flown? She used to be just a teeny-weeny baby, oblivious of what was going
on around her. But now, she just achieved her introduction to the world of academics.

Well, not only did she survive her months in school, she also ends the school year
with flying colors. She's one of the few students in her class who received the Principal's Pride 
Honor Roll certificate of excellence. Whoa! How would you feel if you were her parent?
I am so proud of her. She worked so hard and right at the end, she earned and reaped the fruit of her labor.

The graduation ceremony was full of joy. All kids in both classes did awesome job
with their little presentation of singing.

Evie will surely miss all her friends in school and her teachers. At the same time, she
looks forward for a time off with academic stuff.

We later took her for some treats. Her daddy let her choose a toy at Toys R Us,
have two rides in the carousel, and get some ice cream.

I will have my little one with
me 24/7 again until she goes back to school as a first grader.

God has been so awesome and good to us. He kept Evie safe all the time while
she's in school, helped her with the things that she needed, protected
her heart and mind, gave her a wonderful experience with other
kids, teachers and staff. To Him I give all my praise! To Him be all
the glory! I am so sure, He's the proudest of His little one named

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


One of Fi's favorite things is stickers. This morning, her love
for stickers is satisfied. She peeled the remnants of shipping
labels we used and joyfully wraps them around her leg. Looks
like a good idea when you want a mummy costume for Halloween! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Handmade with love.

It's that time of the year again --Mother's Day. This year
my kindergartner took home something special she handmade from
school. A beautiful watercolor painting of flowers in a jar with a cutout
picture of her.

This morning, they surprised me with garden stuff (a beautiful bird bath, and a Tinker Bell solar lantern), and a handmade card they
made last night (with daddy). Nothing beats handmade cards. I love it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sick Little Fi

I woke up in the middle of the night because of the feeling against my skin of something very warm. I touched Fi and was sure she had fever. She had a fever of 102° and gave her Tylenol. Right after I gave her medicine, she was talking a lot. So I decided to take her to the living room. She wanted to watch a show. I offered her popsicle and pretzels. She hadn't eaten much yesterday. She did not eat her lunch and dinner. She only had a banana in between. I thought she was just too tired too eat because she did not take a nap. Now I know why she didn't have appetite yesterday. She's feeling something inside that causes it. We don't know the cause. She does not have a cold or tummy upset.

I claim her healing in Jesus' name!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"I Spent Time With Jesus"

Daddy was in the bathroom, Fifi and Mama in the kitchen, Evie in the playroom yesteday morning. Few minutes later, Evie came out and told me, "I spent time with Jesus," with a smile on her sweet face. Awwww....I honestly didn't know how to respond. I was speechless. I was not sure if I'd tell her "good girl!" or something that makes her feel good inside. Instead, I just hugged her tight for few seconds. Then I whispered, "You're beautiful." When I finally got my composure, I asked how she spent time with Jesus. With so much glow in her eyes, she told me that she prayed to Jesus that there will be no fighting between her and sissy, that she will be a good girl, that everyone will have a good day and away from harm.

What mom wouldn't be touched of what her daughter just did? When she ate the candy with milk the other day, I told her that whenever something wrong happens, she must always call Jesus for help. I told her that Jesus will always be there to help. We just have to call His name and He will always, always rescues us in any trouble. She nodded.

The world we live in is dangerous. Danger looms. Evil creeps and sneaks around. My daughter will be exposed to such as this. But she wears her armor whenever she goes out by herself. The ultimate weapon that my daughter can use whenever she faces predicaments outside our care is in the name, "Jesus." That is why it is very important to me for her to know the power of the name and what He can and will do when we call Him.

God protects her all the time.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

And There Are Sprouts

Felicia's greens! Big ones are sunflowers.
I got so excited like a little kid this morning when I found
green sprouts in the girls' little garden! Evie forgot to water
the garden this morning, so Fi and I watered the ground.
The little one's side has more sprouts than her Ate. Fi has 16
while Evie has 6.

Both of the girls are so happy to find out the fruit of their labor.
Planting is a great way to teach them about life, most of all the
love of God who created everything good and beautiful.

A couple of Evie's plants.
We assure Evie that she will have more coming in few days.
I don't want her to feel discourage after finding out that Fi
has more than her. She will probably check everytime she
waters the plants.

Looking forward to gazing the beauty of these plants that
their little hands labored with. How awesome!

Paintings On Canvas

What kid doesn't like paints?
The girls express their artist side with paintings on canvas.
Michael's currently have a sale on all of their wrapped
canvas, so we grab a few small ones. I have been wanting
to create something on a canvas for wall decor/art, so the
canvas sale is a great deal!

 Evie decides to create a penguin using her foot. She draws
the face on the wrong side (my bad because I was the one who
told her where to draw the face). But she is creative enough
to say that we will make the toes as "crazy hair" (they are supposed
to be penguins feet) and she draws her penguins a pair of

Felicia chooses dandelions. She paints the base yellow and I assist 
her making drawing the stems and flowers using her

Last project is a painting they both made for their grampa's
birthday. Grampa always appreciates presents that the girls
make themselves. So this year, we decide to go with canvas
 Since grampa likes baseball, we go with a baseball with
balloons. We use their pinkie for make baseball stitches and
fingertips for balloons. Fi paints the half green and Evie paints
half blue.

All ideas are taken from Pinterest.