Friday, March 27, 2015

The Cure To A Lonely Heart

So what is? As this quote says, "it's alone time
with Jesus." I do agree. Somewhere deep inside
the human heart is an empty space that only Jesus
can fill...that only my Creator can and will satisfy.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Psalm 103:17

Psalm 103 has been the cry of my soul these past years. I just want
to praise and bless God and Jesus as much as I can.
Whenever I read it, my heart just swells with joy. Maybe because
my soul feels satisfied everytime those words of praise come
out of my mouth.

This morning as I was reading this passage, I put more focus on verse 11.
"For as high is the heaven is above the earth, so great is His
love for those who fear Him." What an amazing love our Father
has for us. Fear in this verse does not mean "afraid" or "scared." It 
means "reverence." A lot of Christians and non-believers might
have mistaken the meaning of this word in this verse. I was one. Until
a message I heard from a pastor. My immature understanding was enlightened.

Spring Has Come

I love spring. For someone who lives in the desert, spring is my favorite season. And for someone who loves to plant flowers, what can I say... spring is my favorite season. Our little garden in our front yard is displaying its beauty right now.

Just watching at these beauties gives me joy. How beautiful they are! God's amazing gift to mankind.

I love yellow flowers. Yellow is my next favorite color after green. To me, yellow represents joy.

Pinks, purples, reds, and whites. Colors that add glow to any garden.

What about the gentle colors of lavender? The sweet aroma that makes me want smell it without ceasing.

The hues of these blooms are mesmerizing. They may be tiny, but they carry themselves with elegance.

This bloody red hibiscus. It reminds me of "home" and my years of innocence.  We call this flower "gumamela" in the Philippines. When I was a little girl, we make and blow bubbles out of its leaves and flowers. Makes me wonder if the children of this generation back home still do the same. It's an experience that one will treasure all throughout their life.

These lovely tulips that greet me (us) each morning. They're a reminder of God's mercy. Each morning I see them, God blessed our household another day to celebrate and enjoy.

Life is beautiful. 
Just like these flowers. 
Life is colorful.
Just like these blooms.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vanilla Cupcakes with Jelly Belly Flower Toppings

Second day of my daughter's spring break and trying to find things she can do to avoid boredom. So, we decided to bake "her" vanilla cupcakes! While browsing through Glorious Treats (one of my favorite baking websites), I stumbled upon her cake with flowers made of jelly belly candies! Good thing, we have some leftover jelly bellies. Making the flowers out of jelly belly is very easy, my 5 year old can do it (of course I did the cutting)!
So proud of what she made!

I made buttercream frosting and tint it with very light green gel color. My daughter arranged each flower on top of the frosting and look so lovely! Quite easy to make and yet the outcome is so pretty. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

LEGO KidsFest 2015

The family got the chance to enjoy the Lego KidsFest this year in town. I think this event will be an annual family tradition as long as LEGO keeps doing it every year (and tickets are not pricey) :).

My girls and hubby love Legos. Going to the fest was such a treat for the three. I feel like this year, they don't have displays as much as last year's. My husband was also disappointed that the store didn't have any Lego baggies available. But, we're very much happy that we got free baggies from the Lego Friends and Lego Chima lines.

My favorite display this year was Ironman and the R2D2 that have electronics inside. I think they're cool. Too bad we forgot to take a picture with Ironman. There were a bunch of superheroes that I didn't get the chance to look at. A little too busy following the lead of our 5 year old whose got a map on her hand. Now that she can read, she tells where she wants to go.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The girls were done after two and a half hours and just wanted to go home and rest :) Till next year!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ever Popular Minion Cupcakes for School Bake Sale

My kindergartner's school is having a 3-day bake sale this week. Proceeds go to the funds of respective classes. Since I won't be able to volunteer selling the sweets, I decided to make minion cupcakes! After all, I love baking and decorating goodies :)

Thanks to Pinterest which is packed of great ideas! Pinterest has been my go-to site when looking for fun ideas!

Instead of using icing to decorate, I opted to make homemade marshmallow fondant. It's my first time to make fondant and loved it! From now on, I will go on this route. So easy to make, cheap, and there's no tons of chemicals added. Got the marshmallow fondant idea through YouTube. I just made the very basic one --without flavor. Next time for sure, I will add flavor for extra yum.

Making all the shapes to create a minion face to put on top of the cupcake takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. But, I love this "forever" activity. I enjoy this kind of work. It's fulfilling inside specially when I see the finished product. More so when my kids (and kids outside my house) adore the workmanship.

I sent all yellow minions to the bake sale. When my husband picked up our daughter in school, he broke the news that my cupcakes were the first ones to sold out. Whoooaaa! I felt bad though that not all the kids in my daughter's class get to buy the cupcakes. Apparently, they're so popular. Actually, I am not surprise of the popularity of these movie characters. Even adults love 'em!

Later in the day, I made purple minions for my girls. I think the purple ones are cute and funny looking :)

I am looking forward for my next cupcake decorating project!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Make a Minion Cake for My Fi

 I made my 2-year old a Minion cake! Nope, it's not her birthday. It's just that she has been talking about her birthday and her desire to eat cake for 2 weeks! I thought, she must have really want to celebrate her birthday and eat cake. Because she was talking about it a lot, I asked what kind of cake she wanted, and she answered,"Minion cake!"

So, Mama made her a minion cake. Her smile was priceless when she saw her cake. We lighted up candles, sang the birthday song, and she blew the candles. All my effort, time, and exhaustion is all worth it. I love being a Mama!