Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye to Her (My) Favorite Flip Flops

My daughter lost the other pair of her flip flops last week in Flagstaff. Actually, it's my favorite flip flops of her. It was given to us by my husband's co-worker/friend. The original owner was her daughter. Because she had outgrown it already, her little girl generously passed it on to Evie. I liked it because it's sturdy, pretty, very cute, most of all, the design is outstanding. It's the flip flops that my daughter used when she just started to learn how to use strapless slippers. It really served her well. It didn't take her that long to learn how to use one. I was sad when she lost it. So, I thought of looking the same kind on eBay. It's a Buster Brown brand. I found one of size 6 but wasn't able to bid because I forgot. It was too late. The auction ended without my bid. Unfortunately, there's no other same kind of slippers on eBay that I can purchase. That means I will end up looking for a different style/brand.

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