Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Bye Bye Balloon"

She went home with a red balloon and a big smile on her face from buying grocery with her Dada this morning. She LOVES balloons. What she had this morning was just one of the few balloons that made her day so fun and blissful.

She had to ask for help everytime it's floating up there. This morning she showed us how she already knew to pull the balloon down to her hands through the string. I remember, the last time she had a balloon, she got upset everytime it let go off of her hands. She didn't know how it worked by then. So, it was surprising that she demonstrated her new ability this morning.

We had one of the most amusing moment with her balloon today. It was up there, so she asked Dada's help. The string was almost on his reach since he was sitting on a chair. So, he asked her to give him the clothe hanger laying on the floor so he can use the tool to grab her free-floating toy. The delight on her face holding the string was priceless.

Few minutes later we cracked into laughter. Who wouldn't get amused of what we saw? The little girl was holding up the clothe hanger, reaching for the balloon touching the ceiling. What an imitator. What a smart, tiny creature.

Tonight, she wrestled with it, sat on it, squeezed it as her laughter echoed the living room. It looked like it's the best toy in the whole wide world. She adored it, no doubt. And then I heard the sound "POPPED!!!" She immediately stood up, panicked, and looked up. Her eyes surveyed the ceiling. "Where did my balloon go?" she must have asked herself. It never crossed her mind that it was gone. She kept looking up, hoping she will see it floating up there. It felt so touching watching her innocence. I took the broken balloon and showed it to her. Since she doesn't know the concept of "gone" yet, I just said "bye, bye balloon" a few times, as I waved my hand goodbye to her most treasured toy. She grabbed it from me and checked the airless, lifeless balloon. It took her a little while to scrutinize it. Then, she held it on her chest. Maybe that time she already got the idea that it's gone. My heart was moved. All I could do was give her the reassurance that we will get her another one.

So sad. "Goodbye my dear friend."

 Seriously checking. Probably asking what happened to her toy.

Holding the dead balloon close to her heart. She did this gesture many times.

Even if it's broken, she still loves it.

Took her a while to accept that her toy was gone. She sat on the corner and checked it again.

A look in her face that made Mama's heart melt.


  1. AWWWWW GWUAPA! She's so cute... bye bye balloon!

  2. Thanks Patricia. I checked your blog. You are such a very talented young woman. Keep it up!

  3. She's a cutie! was here visiting. glad to have found another mom blogger. hope we could exchange links. have a lovely day!

  4. hi mommy riz! thanks for adding me. i've done my part too. keep in touch!