Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3-Hour Glucose Test Result: NORMAL

Nothing can contain the happiness I felt when Dr. Messer told us that the result of my 3-hour glucose test last Friday is normal. Yup! N-O-R-M-A-L. I was worried for a negative result the past days. I wondered if I ate too much sugary food with this pregnancy which is not really good for the baby. Praise be to God, my prayer was answered. But passing the test doesn't mean I will indulge with too much sweetness (specially soda). Of course I still have to watch my sugar intake and eat them in moderation.

June 5th Not 6th

So, there's a misunderstanding of my C-section schedule. It was confirmed yesterday that it's June 5 and not 6. Perhaps I heard the date wrong when a staff called me one day to inform me about the schedule. We're just glad that we corrected this earlier or else we would be so surprise.

The little blessing inside was doing great. She kicked a few times while we listened to her heartbeat of 150bpm. The last time I had my appointment, it was only 130bpm. A little bit slow compared to yesterday's. I will have another ultrasound early next week to make sure that she is doing great in Mama's tummy. Time to see the little one again. :)

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