Monday, April 4, 2011

She Goes Pee-Pee in the Potty

Last night was a very exciting night for me and my husband—our daughter peed in her potty chair for the very first time!

I asked if she wanted to go pee-pee. She kept saying potty, potty, potty. So I told her to take off her pants which she did. Then I saw her pulling her diaper down as fast as she could and followed me to the bathroom. As her role model, I had to demonstrate the act myself. We're facing each other, both in our potty chair (mine's the adult potty of course :) ). When she stood up, I saw fluid in the potty. She actually peed! Because of too much excitement, I yelled to my husband who was in the living room to come and see what happened. She ran into our closet and finished peeing on the floor. Now I'm wondering if my yelling made her panicked that's why she stood up even if she was not done yet. Bummer.

Well, we are quite happy of the development. We are not actually potty training her formally at present. We're just introducing her the potty chair and demonstrate what we do and what happens in the potty. With what happened last night, it seems like she already got an idea of potty training and the purpose of the potty chair. We are still waiting for some signs of her readiness for potty training. Then, the formal education begins. Last night's is just one of the signs. A good sign.

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