Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Little Girl Is One Month Old!

Time flies by so fast. "Babies grow like weeds," as they say. Indeed! Just like our little princess who turns a month old today. I can't believe she grows so fast. She's no longer that very tiny baby I first held when she came out from my womb. She has gained much since then.

Evie's growth record (from birth to one month):

Weight: 8.3lbs to 10.5lbs
Height: 20" to 22"
Head circumference: 13.5" to 14.5"
Feeding: 20ml of formula and Mommy's milk to 120ml (4 oz) 100% formula

She has outgrown all her newborn clothes. She was only able to wear those up to when she was 2 weeks old. Now, they are all tight for her. If we'd force the clothes on her, she'd might ripped them, like incredible hulk. Kidding aside, she is currently wearing Carter's, Circo, and GAP, etc. 0-3 months onesies and dresses bigger than those for a newborn.

The most challenging for me and her daddy was her developing an infantile eczema. It started when she was 3 weeks old and everyday the rashes become worse. Overall, Evie is a very healthy baby. Each visit to her pediatrician, she's gaining weight and her vital signs were perfect. She's eating, peeing, and pooping normally (her daddy actually calls her "the peeing machine).

Behaviors/Physical/Mental Development
Evie showed how strong her neck was minutes after she was born. She lifted her head the very first time I breastfed her. Her daddy and I just looked at each other, so surprised, and just smiled in awe. At one week old during her first visit to the pediatrician, she showcased her strength again when the nurse put her on her belly. She lifted her neck and head with the support of her two arms. She's like doing baby push ups. Everyday, she demonstrates her physical stamina which most of the time amazes us. Few times, she attempted to apply force on her feet to stand with my support, but, her muscles are not that developed yet to do it. Besides, she'd be too advance for a month old baby if she can do that. That would be way too much.

She responded well to sounds and sights. She likes listening to music and looking at different things. No wonder her favorite position when she's awake is not lying down but sitting on my lap (supported by me of course) because it gives her more room to visually examine the things around her. On the other hand, her favorite sleeping position is:

Cries are her only way to communicate how she feels. For 30 days of attending to her needs, I was able to study and differentiate her hungry, sleepy or in pain crying clues. So far, these are the only crying hints I can distinguish for now. I still have to learn the kinds of cry like when she wants to tell me she's wet, or simply just want to be held.

Sleeping Pattern
Evie's sleeping pattern is great. She's not a fussy baby (thanks God). Usually, she only wakes up once at night and she goes back to sleep couple of minutes or sometimes immediately after she's done eating with a new, clean diaper. Few times she sleeps 4 to 5 hours (specially when her tummy is really full), but at most 3 hours. There are times she's awake for an hour or two during the day. She's not really giving us the crying blues during bedtime. Her daddy and I alternate the feeding assignment each night which works pretty well.

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