Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miss Duckie Goes "Trick or Treat"

For few hours on Halloween, my little one transformed into a very cute, adorable baby duck. I love her costume! The color is perfect on her fair skin. Her little duck shoes which I purchased on eBay (thanks to eBay) completed her look.

Before starting her "trick or treat" adventure, we had to drop by at her grandparent's place so they can see their granddaughter before she gets too exhausted amassing our friends' neighbor's sweet treats. There she met her cousin Marcus dressed as Buzz Lightyear. It was a quick visit at the folk's.

Princess Aurora, Baby Duck,
Cutie  Kitty, Princess Cinderella, and Baby Giraffe were so cute with their respective Halloween costumes. Moms and Dads did a great job! The kiddos were so excited to go trick or treat as each one carried their own bags. Well, except for Miss Duckie. Dada had to carry her bag most of the time.

It's frustrating how she didn't want to be held. She followed the girls' lead sometimes, but most of the time had her own plans of escape to people's backyards.  Her Dada was sweating all over, running after the escapee.
There's a lot of instances that she wanted to go inside the houses which was very funny. She also opened her hands to accept whatever treat homeowners gave her. It's very cute!

She really did a good job wearing her costume the entire time we roamed around people's places. She didn't complain at all. Yahoo to that!

Before she ended her Halloween celebration, something terrible happened. She slipped and cut her lower lip while we were at Fry's. There was blood on her costume and face, and of course the crying. But right after I held her, she stopped wailing. She looked so pitiful. Mama's heart was ripped. Nonetheless, her eyes lighted up when Dada handed her two balloons. The pain on her face was superseded with a happy one. Something that only balloons can do.



  1. oh geezzz Riza! She is sooooo cute in the costume!!!!!

  2. he he, thanks of the joys of motherhood, dressing up her daughter on special occasions :)

  3. she's sooooo cute!!! the kids are adorable too! visiting you here! have a happy Thanksgiving week!