Thursday, March 29, 2012

Name Brand Prenatal Vitamins that Make Me Constipated

I ran out of prenatal vitamins lately so while waiting for my online order to arrive, I took the vitamins that was given to me free from the office of my OB's office. I received three different kinds of name brand prenatal vitamins: OB One Complete, Citrinatal Assure, and a combination of pink and clear capsule (I do not know the name of this vitamin because I have peeled the rest of the packaging. The only letters of the name left in the packaging are Ne).

"No Name Vitamin:" Too Fishy-Smelling

The smell of the last prenatal vitamins I mentioned (of which name I do not know) is too fishy. Even if I am just peeling the pills off the tabs, the odor immediately greets me like I am surrounded with a bucketful of rotten fishes. It's just too much. Glad that with this pregnancy, I didn't have morning sickness, plus, I am already in my third trimester. So that helps a lot of not feeling nauseated after inhaling the smell. If you're in your first trimester and is experiencing morning sickness, I don't think this prenatal vitamins is ideal for you. The pink pill tastes very sweet though. But the strong odor really annoys me.

Citrinatal Assure and OB One Complete

Both of these vitamins don't have fishy or odd smell. They're like your regular pills. With OB One Complete, I only have to take one, and two pills for Citrinatal Assure. I didn't notice anything physical reaction to be concerned of (like nausea, stomach upset, etc.) after taking these vitamins, so they are fine. I heard though that these vitamins are way too expensive compared to my over-the counter, cheap prenatal vitamins. That's a downer. Well, what can I expect with name brand prenatal vitamins? They're always pricier than the generics—that's a fact.

Constipation Dilemma

Aside from the fishy smell that I had to deal with one brand, my other complain for these name brand vitamins is that they all make me constipated. Drinking a lot of water doesn't make a difference. I am having these pellet-like stools and my bowel movement takes 2-3 days until the next one. Not exciting at all. Thankfully, I just received my order from Walgreens and I am happy I no longer have to deal with constipation.

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