Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helping out baby brother

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

My brother just moved into his first apartment and is the most clueless person I know. He is the youngest of my family and I think this has worked against him. Being the baby, someone was always there to help him accomplish what he needed. He always had someone to hold his hand or talk him through something. This event has been no different. While he did find the apartment on his own, I had to help him find roommates, set up a banking account and even set up his utilities. I told him where to go to get the water turned on and where to go to set up the power. I told him to set up EXPERTSATELLITE for his television and helped him find an internet provider. I honestly feel I have done more for this apartment than he has. I wish I could say no to him and teach him tough love, but he is my baby brother and I think I will be helping him through life for the rest of my life. He’s family and it’s hard to turn your back on family.

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