Thursday, January 19, 2012

Evie Learns to Pedal Her Trike

My daughter showed me that she already knows how to pedal her tricycle! I decided for us to go out in our neighborhood street yesterday with her trike after she saw 2 girls riding on their bikes while we walked around our neighborhood. It was her first time to go out in the street with her new toy. So, I was totally surprised of this new skill she just learned. I didn't expect that she can already do it because she didn't show it inside our home. Well, our house has a very small area where she can maneuver her trike. She can only use our kitchen which is crowded with counter, table, and chairs—very limited space. I am so proud of her. She learns so fast!

Before she had the trike, she'd go crazy everytime she sees one at Target or Walmart. She won't let go of the trike after we let her try it. Thanks to her Nana and Gampa for the trike! They gave it to her on Christmas and she absolutely adores the wheels. Now that she already knows the right way to ride it, she'll get to enjoy more of their present.

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