Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outgrowing Strawberry Allergy

By the grace of God, my daughter has finally outgrew her strawberry allergy. Hooray! After two and a half years, she now can eat the luscious strawberries!!!

Evie was very young when we found out that she is allergic to strawberries. Probably before she turned one. We discovered the dilemma after we gave her a strawberry-flavored soy yogurt. She got rashes on the outsides of her mouth after she ate half a teaspoon. With her who's allergic to some food, we always see to it that we only give her a small amount during her first time to taste on food which we think she's allergic to. Her allergies to dairy products made us more conscious of what we put in her mouth, specially if it's her first time. We are also mindful of a list of food that some family members are allergic to and see to it that she always gets a small portion when we introduce it to her. My husband's mother is allergic to melons and kiwis. So far, Evie's not allergic to watermelons. We haven't tried giving her kiwi yet. This might be the next fruit that we will give her after knowing that she's no longer has allergic reactions to strawberries.

Well, my daughter was so happy with her first taste of strawberries. She loves them so much. She would say "uuummmm, delicious!!!" after she put strawberry in her mouth and munch it. I am quite happy that in her list of food allergies, one is crashed out! Hooray indeed!!!

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