Thursday, March 10, 2011

Received My Free Fit Me Maybeline Foundation Samples

Actual picture of Maybeline Fit Me foundation  free samples.
Finally received my free samples of Maybeline's Fit Me foundation. I thought I would get the samples in small containers. I was totally wrong. It comes in a pad with teeny weeny packets of samples for each color with corresponding number. There are 18 packets that you can choose which color perfectly fits for your skin tone. The amount of foundation inside each packet is very little, but enough for you to test and know the color suitable for your skin color. The free sample also comes with a $1 coupon.

I picked a number which I think fits my skin. I chose Medium #210. I dabbed it evenly on the surface of my right cheek and see if it matches with my tone. I also tried #220 on the other cheek to make sure which color suits me. I found out that #210 is my perfect match.

I actually like that after I applied the foundation on, my face didn't feel moist at all. It felt like I never put anything on my face at all. I can say that this is a kind of makeup I would wear. The rest of the packets would probably get thrown away since I already know what number of the Fit Me foundation is right for me.

The Maybeline Fit Me foundation free samples are advantageous for a woman who plans to use this product but is not too sure which specific number perfectly fits her skin tone. You would rather test the makeup on your face first than buying one and to find out in the end you picked up the wrong color. Too bad Walmart has run out of their Fit Me foundation free samples. I just checked their link and it's no longer available. But you can always check again. They might give free samples again in the future. I am providing the product's link here.


  1. Does it itch when you put it on? The sample I requested is not here yet. Hopefully, I'll get it soon and do the testing as you did.

  2. Nope. No itchiness at all Mi. I actually like it. :) You should have your sample soon!