Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mother's Day Tea

My daughter's teacher hosted quite a fancy Mother's Day Tea in their school last week. She created and sent each mom in her class a pretty, cut-out teapot invitation. A request to wear our favorite tea party hats was a nice touch to make the party fun, special, and fanciful!


When I arrived at the venue, I was greeted with chit-chatting, pretty moms wearing their elaborate hats. Couldn't help but smile and felt so special when my eyes grasp the fabulous table setting, filled with fancy tea pots, cups, plates, and flowers.

The buffet table was brimming with delectable, sweet and savory finger foods, and thirst-quencher lemonade, donated mostly by the parents.

Moms had a little bit of hobnobbing with each other while waiting for the kids. The room became quiet when one after the other, our first graders walked into the room in line. They immediately proceeded to the stage and performed a short, yet heart-melting program for the moms. My favorite part was when each student came forward and tell everybody the reason why he/she loves his/her mom.

Refreshment for everybody followed after the program. A beautiful sight to see moms and kids spending time with each other in one room to honor the beauty of motherhood.

Ms. Fredette on the right, wearing all white.

 The effort my daughter's teacher put into all of what was prepared was very touching. It looked like, she's the only teacher in their school doing it. How cool and admirable that kind of teacher is? I give all my commendation and salute to Ms. Fredette! Job well done!

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