Friday, March 11, 2011

Salmon, Broccoli, and Rice for Lunch

My toddler had salmon, broccoli, and rice for lunch the other day. I fried the salmon in olive oil. I used extra virgin olive oil to fry the fish because it's so much better for her health than vegetable oil. As usual, I steamed the broccoli for few minutes, just enough for it to get soft to chew for a little person with 11 teeth. Rice was steamed. We use jasmine rice at home. I love the aroma of it. Besides, most jasmine rice are better in quality than other kind of white rice.

Right after I handed the plate to her, she immediately grabbed a handful of rice and shoved it in her mouth. Steamed broccoli was the most popular food in the plate. Unfortunately, she didn't eat all the fried salmon. She only ate a quarter of the fish. Probably because the meat was bland. Even if I dashed a little bit of salt on top, the meat inside was tasteless. I can understand why she didn't like it as much. She had fried salmon before and she usually finished the fish. But this time, not a good day for salmon. Because I didn't want to put the fish to waste, I decided to mixed it in her dinner with other veggies such as peas, corn, and carrots. Of course with rice. She ate some of the fish, at least.


  1. Wish my little one eats as good as Evie. We're still trying to wean her off her milk. She drinks more milk than eats. But she does love rice and fish as well. Her favorite fish? Tilapia! Your little girl is very impressive Riza. She is far advanced than regular toddlers I know.

  2. Is she still using bottles for her milk? We weaned Evie from her bottles when she turned one. Gradual lang jud kay di pwede diretsohon. How's the weaning btw? Purya buyag Mi, kusog kaau mokaon si Evie. She hasn't tried Tilapia yet. Salmon pa lang iya na try nga fish. Wa man lami ang salmon oi, bland kaau. Thanks for the compliment! :)