Saturday, February 12, 2011

Color Coordination

Yesterday was the second time my daughter surprised me (us) with her interest with color coordination. While outside our backyard, she was busy picking up rocks. It's one of her favorite things to do while basking the freedom to do outdoor activities. When I asked her to put her rocks in the clay pot, I was astounded to find out that all the rocks she picked up were the dark shade ones. There's not a lot of dark-colored rocks in our backyard, but here she was, diligently picking up small stones which shades look alike.

Months ago, she was separating cans of soda and grouping them according to their colors. It was the first time she surprised us with this ability. And yesterday, she did it again. I don't know what's behind this kind of toddler activity. There should be an explanation.


  1. Oh that's wonderful! I wish Evie and my daughter can play together since she is also doing the same thing as her. Grouping similar things together by colors, shapes, and sizes. I believe it's part of their development milestones. I can't wait to be surprised some more!:-D

  2. Wish we live closer so Evie has a playmate. Yesterday when we were out, she collected rocks of the same sizes. :)