Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Maybeline FIT ME 18 Shades Foundation

For Mommies who love makeups, Maybeline offers a free sample of their FIT ME foundation line of brand. I saw this ad on Walmart's website. Accordingly, they will give away all 18 shades of the FIT ME foundation. I went ahead and sign up for myself because I like free stuff like this! Who doesn't love free makeup? Besides, it's a well-known brand and I am very much willing to try it for myself.

If you are interested to get a free sample of the Maybeline FIT ME foundation, just click the link. Once you are on the webpage, just hit the "Get Sample" button. If the link doesn't work you can go directly to the blank form and fill it up with the required information.

I can't guarantee that you will receive the free sample. I am not sure if all people who sign up will actually get it or they will base it with your answers on the questions provided. But there is no harm in trying. After all, it's free! :)


  1. Got this already. I also love freebies & Walmart is one of the places you can get free stuff!

  2. Yay, mao ba? Makadawat jud diay ko ani ug sample :)

  3. Oo Riz, cge man ko request free samples sa ila since 2008 pa. Mao lage muabot usa og 3 weeks or more before ma receive. pero for sure jud nga makadawat ka.

  4. Bahala na ug dugay maabot basta sure madawat :)