Monday, February 14, 2011

New Words in My Toddler's Vocabulary

My daughter turns one year and a half in few days. At this stage, her talking skill is improving each day. More words are added in her vocabulary treasure chest. She can even say a phrase now. When we asked her where Evie is, she covers her eyes and says "there she is!" and she points to something, she asks "what's that?"

Some words added to my toddler's vocabulary are: cow, cat, shoes, tiger, cheerio, monkey, mommy, corn (she actually pronounce it as "kwoy" which is very cute). She tries to say words that we ask her to say. Some she can say clearly, some having a hard time articulating the syllables of the word, such as the word "elephant."

t's amazing how much she gets better in this area and looking forward for more new words and phrase.


  1. Wow congrats, Evie. You are one smart baby! Sophie started saying one words around the same time as Evie does, and right now that she's a month before her second birthday, she can able to say phrases as well such as "give me milk", "change me poopoo", "come on mama/papa". it's delightful to hear words from our precious ones. it gives us pride as mothers as well.

  2. Thanks Mi! Can't wait for Evie to say complete sentences :)