Monday, August 24, 2009

Kissing Breastfeeding Frustration Away

Evie is 6 days old now. So far, my biggest frustration is nursing her. It was difficult the first few days. However last night, seems like my husband and me found a promising remedy to have her latch on my breasts.

Evie's getting used to the ease of formula feeding. She does not have to exert much effort in sucking unlike she does with breastfeeding. Most of the time when she's hungry and I tried to offer her my milk, she'd fuss, cry, and push it away. Perhaps she feels uncomfy with her position and most of all the labor she has to do with sucking until she tastes the milk. Looks like formula feeding is starting to make her impatient to draw milk off from me. It is heartrending to see her so hungry and crying, so we ended up giving her the formula and me pumping my milk that we can feed her. She is getting used the easy way of feeding which her Daddy and I do not want to happen.

Last night, after 2 days of pumping my milk, I decided to make another try of nursing her. As expected, the same scene happened. Until, my husband came up with a brilliant feeding starter idea! He took the bottle of formula and let our daughter had a few sip. That led her to a calm and sucking mood. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere, I extended to her my milk, and....WALLAH!!! A miracle happened! :) She was latching and I was able to feed her from both of my breasts for 30 minutes!

Today, we tried the technique again and it amazingly works! Yay! What a relief to a once breastfeeding frustration. On the other hand, we also discovered that after I nursed her, she still needs more milk, so, we supplemented her with formula. My husband and I wonder if we overfeed our baby. We're going to our first pediatrician visit tomorrow, so, we'll see.

It is a wonderful feeling to learn a new thing...a new technique that kiss my nursing frustration away. Hopefully, this new-found tactic works for a long time. But for now, we are content.

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