Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Fourth Day

Been days since the last time I updated this blog. Within the span of 4 days, a lot of things happened...wonderful memories that I will never trade with any other experience of my lifetime. If I have to live life again and do it, without a second thought, I will.

Anyhow, I will surely write my experiences I had within those 4 nerve-racking, stressful, wonderful, and one of the most amazing events in my birth to a priceless creation.

To keep track of the things that happened today, I am feeling much better. I noticed that each day I wake up, I feel a lot better, physically.

I was sleeping on a chair with tons of pillows on our first night at home from the hospital. I cannot lay down flatly on my side because getting up demands enough strength and effort not to feel pain from my incision. The chair is settled beside our bed on the left side, while Evie's on the right side in a bassinet. Daddy was in between us.

Evie woke up around 2am. Mother's instinct and love just made me jumped right away and checked my newborn child (later, I was surprised that I didn't even feel tired, sleepy or in pain that moment.

I first inspected her diaper. She peed; cleaned and changed her. She's hungry. I tried to breastfeed her, but, like the usual scenario, it was unsuccessful. I am having a hard time feeding her for days now. I could not find the right position to do it because of my wound. I had been trying to hold her in a "football" breastfeeding position. Well, we were successful at times, but, mostly failed. It breaks my heart to see her crying because of hunger and I couldn't feed her. I am producing milk, yet, do not know the right way to nurse her.

We finally decided to give her the formula we got from the hospital. She calmed down and fell back to sleep. Daddy took care of her while I went back to the chair and dozed.

It was already 9AM when I woke up. The house was so quiet. I wondered where my father and daughter were. I found the bassinet beside the bathroom near the living room. Evie's asleep wearing a Pooh PJ and shoes. Daddy's in the toilet. My husband told me that he gave the little girl another formula because he didn't want to bother my sleep...of which I was so thankful about. I absolutely needed rest.

I did a little bit of household chores today. Pre-washed the dishes and put it in the dishwasher; threw garbage away. Not bad to start at all. Parents dropped by for few minutes in the morning with Dunkin Donuts and coffee coolatta. Yummy treat.

I decided to pump my milk. I pumped 3 times today and was able to produce 120ml. That's equivalent to 3 feedings for Evie. However, 40ml is no longer enough for her. She wanted more. She eats a lot now. I can say, she ate at least 50ml to 60ml today. We supplemented the rest with formula. At present we are using the free Similac formula that were mailed to us many weeks ago. Thanks to the sponsor.

We had Asian food for lunch which my husband got after he mailed stuff for eBay. He also got a bunch of fruits, several variety of Quaker Oatmeal, and other kinds of food that we can grab in the pantry. I was a bit emotional in the afternoon. Self-pity. I was sore, legs are extremely swelling, spinal headache, tired. My husband was there to console me, giving me hugs and assurance of his care and love.

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