Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Crafts

The girls and I spent many hours making Easter
crafts. This is our finished project. Most ideas
in courtesy with Pinterest.

Fi drew a face on her Easter bunny egg. She chose
her own colors of the ears and legs.

She also made a mouse by herself! Very surprising
that she came up with the idea. I helped her hot glue
the eyes, ears, and spring bottom.

 And here's a very cute Easter bunny from Evie.
She chose white for ears and legs.

After she saw her sister made a mouse, she decided
to make her own very cute mouse.

She said that this is a girl with blue hair. It actually
reminds me of the anime movie, "Ponyo," although
Ponyo has hues of red.

My girls can spend the whole day just making
crafts. Thankfully, Mama was not lazy
today.  :)

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