Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday

One of the things I like about Easter Sunday is that
I can dress up my girls fancy, beautiful dresses.
This year I decided to make each one a headpiece made
of silk flowers. It was very easy to make and they
look so lovely.

Glad that my Felicia wore her headpiece almost the entire
time we were outside the church. Thought it will not stay 
on her head for long. She doesn't like anything on her
head, What a luck if it stays on for minutes. Or better
yet bribe her with a treat.

My Evie is the most cooperative when it comes to
accessories. She's more of the fashionista among
the two.

Girls on their fancy dresses and pretty shoes!

 Daddy's beautiful angels.

So blessed with this beautiful family. God is so good.
God is faithful. God is gracious. God is awesome!

Showing off their Easter egg hunt loot. Easter morning
is always fun. We had to wake Fi. We tried playing music
but she was so asleep it didn't work. Ate tried to blow
raspberries on her tummy, and finally she woke up.

 Easter egg hunt at the back yard.

 If Ate can do it, Fi can too!
 Evie missed this egg, but not Fi.

Ate was so good, she saved some for Fi on this
area. :)

 Baskets from Easter bunny.

After the hunt, girls are so busy checking what's inside 
on each egg. Not a lot of candies this year. We got
them little toys instead like rings, erasers, stickers.

 Happy as she can be with all the eggs she collected.

Evie got the most eggs. She was so kind enough to
her sister that she did not pick up all the eggs she 
found because she wanted to share it to her.

We always remind the girls that Easter is not
about Easter bunny or egg hunting. Easter is 
about the resurrection of Jesus. The death of Jesus on
the cross and His resurrection after three days 
defeated death. Because of Jesus, we are reconciled
to God the Father. And anyone who believes in
Him will have eternal life.

Until next Easter!

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