Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Toddler's Monthly Haircut

She got her monthly haircut yesterday! I made a commitment to myself that I will cut my daughter's hair every month. Instead of taking her to a hair salon and pay $10 for every haircut, why not do it my own? That's a clever and practical thing to do! I bought a nice  (hair) pair of scissors and comb with very fine bristles. All in all, haircutting tools only cost $18.

This is the second time that I cut her hair. The first one was a little bit challenging because she kept moving her head to see what I was doing. But the second time, I came up with a trick that made the moving lesser—let her watch her favorite DVD! And you know what? It worked!

Putting her on the high chair is so much safer than using a regular chair. With the high chair, I can strap her in. I just realized that putting the tray on is safest. But I am just glad that she never attempted to get out from the chair. She's actually the most behave. It's just the curiosity of what I am doing that makes her move her head.

So why cut her hair every month when she doesn't have a lot of hair? As I was growing up, I was told (and discovered it myself) that getting a regular haircut is one of the secrets to a beautiful hair. Cutting the hair routinely gets rid of the dead or split ends on the tip of the hair, making it healthier and look thicker.

Baby Haircut: Doing it Yourself

If you decide to cut your baby's hair yourself, remember that cutting her hair doesn't have to be perfect. Give yourself some consideration. You are not a professional hairstylist (except if you are), so expect that the result won't look like it's done by a pro. Your toddler won't mind how her hair looks like (save this problem when they're older and demand what kind of hairstyle they want to have). To get some tips on how to cut your child's hair by yourself, there are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch. Learn from there.

Doing your baby's hair trimming yourself saves bucks. It may be a challenging work, but the  privilege and fun time you have with her while doing it is priceless. You don't only bond with her in this grooming activity, you also make her a healthy, beautiful hair. One day, she will thank you for it.


  1. that was nice..good job mommy riza for a job well done..she is well behaved :)..

  2. Thanks Jennie!

    Willa, she is indeed so behave. Lucky me! :)

  3. that's great idea and she's a good girl, doesn't give mommy a hard time...ang galing! visiting you thru the bloggers exchange program! :)

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