Thursday, April 16, 2015

And There Are Sprouts

Felicia's greens! Big ones are sunflowers.
I got so excited like a little kid this morning when I found
green sprouts in the girls' little garden! Evie forgot to water
the garden this morning, so Fi and I watered the ground.
The little one's side has more sprouts than her Ate. Fi has 16
while Evie has 6.

Both of the girls are so happy to find out the fruit of their labor.
Planting is a great way to teach them about life, most of all the
love of God who created everything good and beautiful.

A couple of Evie's plants.
We assure Evie that she will have more coming in few days.
I don't want her to feel discourage after finding out that Fi
has more than her. She will probably check everytime she
waters the plants.

Looking forward to gazing the beauty of these plants that
their little hands labored with. How awesome!

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