Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"I Spent Time With Jesus"

Daddy was in the bathroom, Fifi and Mama in the kitchen, Evie in the playroom yesteday morning. Few minutes later, Evie came out and told me, "I spent time with Jesus," with a smile on her sweet face. Awwww....I honestly didn't know how to respond. I was speechless. I was not sure if I'd tell her "good girl!" or something that makes her feel good inside. Instead, I just hugged her tight for few seconds. Then I whispered, "You're beautiful." When I finally got my composure, I asked how she spent time with Jesus. With so much glow in her eyes, she told me that she prayed to Jesus that there will be no fighting between her and sissy, that she will be a good girl, that everyone will have a good day and away from harm.

What mom wouldn't be touched of what her daughter just did? When she ate the candy with milk the other day, I told her that whenever something wrong happens, she must always call Jesus for help. I told her that Jesus will always be there to help. We just have to call His name and He will always, always rescues us in any trouble. She nodded.

The world we live in is dangerous. Danger looms. Evil creeps and sneaks around. My daughter will be exposed to such as this. But she wears her armor whenever she goes out by herself. The ultimate weapon that my daughter can use whenever she faces predicaments outside our care is in the name, "Jesus." That is why it is very important to me for her to know the power of the name and what He can and will do when we call Him.

God protects her all the time.

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