Thursday, April 16, 2015

Paintings On Canvas

What kid doesn't like paints?
The girls express their artist side with paintings on canvas.
Michael's currently have a sale on all of their wrapped
canvas, so we grab a few small ones. I have been wanting
to create something on a canvas for wall decor/art, so the
canvas sale is a great deal!

 Evie decides to create a penguin using her foot. She draws
the face on the wrong side (my bad because I was the one who
told her where to draw the face). But she is creative enough
to say that we will make the toes as "crazy hair" (they are supposed
to be penguins feet) and she draws her penguins a pair of

Felicia chooses dandelions. She paints the base yellow and I assist 
her making drawing the stems and flowers using her

Last project is a painting they both made for their grampa's
birthday. Grampa always appreciates presents that the girls
make themselves. So this year, we decide to go with canvas
 Since grampa likes baseball, we go with a baseball with
balloons. We use their pinkie for make baseball stitches and
fingertips for balloons. Fi paints the half green and Evie paints
half blue.

All ideas are taken from Pinterest.

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