Thursday, March 5, 2015

LEGO KidsFest 2015

The family got the chance to enjoy the Lego KidsFest this year in town. I think this event will be an annual family tradition as long as LEGO keeps doing it every year (and tickets are not pricey) :).

My girls and hubby love Legos. Going to the fest was such a treat for the three. I feel like this year, they don't have displays as much as last year's. My husband was also disappointed that the store didn't have any Lego baggies available. But, we're very much happy that we got free baggies from the Lego Friends and Lego Chima lines.

My favorite display this year was Ironman and the R2D2 that have electronics inside. I think they're cool. Too bad we forgot to take a picture with Ironman. There were a bunch of superheroes that I didn't get the chance to look at. A little too busy following the lead of our 5 year old whose got a map on her hand. Now that she can read, she tells where she wants to go.

Overall, it was a fun experience. The girls were done after two and a half hours and just wanted to go home and rest :) Till next year!

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