Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ever Popular Minion Cupcakes for School Bake Sale

My kindergartner's school is having a 3-day bake sale this week. Proceeds go to the funds of respective classes. Since I won't be able to volunteer selling the sweets, I decided to make minion cupcakes! After all, I love baking and decorating goodies :)

Thanks to Pinterest which is packed of great ideas! Pinterest has been my go-to site when looking for fun ideas!

Instead of using icing to decorate, I opted to make homemade marshmallow fondant. It's my first time to make fondant and loved it! From now on, I will go on this route. So easy to make, cheap, and there's no tons of chemicals added. Got the marshmallow fondant idea through YouTube. I just made the very basic one --without flavor. Next time for sure, I will add flavor for extra yum.

Making all the shapes to create a minion face to put on top of the cupcake takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. But, I love this "forever" activity. I enjoy this kind of work. It's fulfilling inside specially when I see the finished product. More so when my kids (and kids outside my house) adore the workmanship.

I sent all yellow minions to the bake sale. When my husband picked up our daughter in school, he broke the news that my cupcakes were the first ones to sold out. Whoooaaa! I felt bad though that not all the kids in my daughter's class get to buy the cupcakes. Apparently, they're so popular. Actually, I am not surprise of the popularity of these movie characters. Even adults love 'em!

Later in the day, I made purple minions for my girls. I think the purple ones are cute and funny looking :)

I am looking forward for my next cupcake decorating project!

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