Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And the Battle Begins: Baby Bottle Vs Sippy Cup

I have been starting to wean Fi from her baby bottles, but have not been really religious on it. She's got sippy cups that she uses to drink water or juice out of. Yes, as long as it's water or juice, she drinks from it. 

Today, I tried putting milk on those sippy cups. The result? Flunked! She sipped a couple times and shoved it away. She got mad when I kept giving her the cup and telling her to drink her milk. I remember this scene with her big sister when she was Fi's age. I remember Evie throwing the cup on the floor as her expression of defiance against her favorite drink in a container she thought was not the right one.

So now, I am experiencing the replay of a mission I trod 3 years ago. This is another battle indeed and I am IN (whether I like it or not)! :)

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