Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Monkey in the House

At one year and 1 month old, I am amazed that my Fi already knows how to properly get down from our bed to the floor. Right before she gets into the edge of the bed, she turns around (tummy against the bed) with her body's lower part towards the edge of the bed. Then she slowly drops herself safely.

The other morning, something funny happened. I moved her to our bed when she woke up around three in the morning. So she stayed with us till then. Everybody woke up earlier than her and were up and about in the living room and kitchen. It was already eight o'clock, so I told my husband how surprised I was that Fi was still asleep. But just after I told him about it, when we both turned around to the living room, there was Fi on the floor watching TV with her Ate Evie! We cracked into laughter. At the same time there's that inner pride bubbling, knowing that our little Fi got up all by herself without a fuss. We were wondering though if she clapped her hands after she got down from bed. She usually does it right after she successfully gets down from the bed. Well, it was my way of encouraging her effort and success. I clap my hands whenever she makes herself land on the floor safely.

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