Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Blast at the Phoenix LEGO KidsFest 2013

Last Saturday was  a fun family time together! Thanks to the Lego Kidsfest 2013 held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. We're very happy to not miss this awesome event. It's not only for the kids, but more for the whole family.

Days before the event, we told Evie that she has a big surprise coming on Saturday. We bought her a Lego Friends shirt to match the occasion. She has been building Lego Friends with her Dada and she's hooked into it.

We had to let her close her eyes on our way to the entrance of the big surprise, which she did, but opening her eyes a few times. The first gigantic thing she (we) saw that is made out of Legos was Hulk. The look on her face was kind of surprise but shy. It was priceless.

Giant Superheroes, Wizards, Movie & TV Characters, Etc...

You will be impressed of the enormous popular movie and TV characters displayed made out of Legos. From DC Comics characters to Star Wars and more. Everyone went crazy with taking pictures with each of them, and the Pritchards were no exception. My husband loves Batman and Star Wars, so we made sure we took pictures of him with her favorites. I am bummed that we forgot to take a picture of and with monstrous Hulk, specially that it's the first ever life-size popular character made of  Legos that Evie saw. But, there is always next time.

Our Favorite Stations

LEGO Model Museum - This is perhaps the most popular. People can't get enough of taking pictures with the life-size models (so are we of course). We also took pictures of the miniature ones like the Lone Ranger setting, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more.

Creation Nation - We love it! My husband built a giraffe and a tree to add to the huge map of the United States. Why a giraffe? Because I suggested it :) But the primary reason is, Evie loves giraffes. Besides, house and buildings are the most common things that people built and contributed to the map. Digging in the bucketful of LEGOs was fun. Fi even did her share of digging and throwing LEGOs on the floor. :)

LEGO Challenge Zone - This is a teamwork activity for the family. We were given 2 minutes to build the tallest tower. Everyone on the table must get involved. Quick and fun. Everybody wins, and most of all the kids get LEGO prizes.

Big Brick Pile - Who doesn't enjoy in a mountain-pile of LEGOs? Me and my daughters had great time in it! Scooping LEGOs and throwing them on the air with Fi, burying Evie in them were simple act of play, but very enjoyable. We made one mistake though. I learned to never ever take off my shoes the next time I engulf myself with bricks of LEGOs. They hurt!!!

Reading Rest Stop - I am so appreciative that the LEGO organizers have thought of this area. It was such a breeze getting a rest with my two girls after all the walking and doing LEGO activities for hours. When we were at the Art Gallery, I tried to create my own art, but Fi became impatient on the stroller. The Reading Rest Stop was located just beside where we were, so I decided to stop doing my art and proceeded to the area that made my little one up and about.

LEGO Art Gallery -  We love the idea that we can express our artistic side using miniature LEGO bricks. My husband made the Batman symbol which took him a little while than expected. It was fun!

My Wish for the Next LEGO KidsFest

  1. LEGO Master Builder at Work - I am pretty sure that LEGO KidsFest will be back in Phoenix. What I want my family to see next time? I want to see an actual LEGO master builder build a life-sized LEGO model. I do not know how long will it take to create one, but it should be something that can be finished within the days they do the event. I do not care if I only see half of it done while my family are there. I just want to see their mastery.
  2. Prizes for Adults -  It's a little disappointing that adults don't get prizes at the LEGO Challenge Zone. Come on LEGO! Adults love prizes too! :)
Overall, the experience was awesome! My family had a great time (my husband had more fun I guess). It was all worth the ticket price and all the walking. Looking forward for another one!

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