Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gumigem: Great Teether for My Baby

I was fortunate enough to have given the opportunity to get a free Gumigem bracelet teether for my 10 month old little one. Perfect time, specially that at Fi's age, teeth are coming in like crazy. She currently has four teeth on the top and two on the bottom--and more coming!
Right after I received my free Gumigem and washed it, I immediately gave it to Fi. I didn't hesitate because the product is very smooth and made of great quality silicone. At this stage where everything she holds go straight to her mouth, the new toy was not an exemption. I was happy watching her in full delight of chewing the teether. I like that this teether is very flexible that she can use it to ease her teething pain on the both left and right side gums. So far, she loves this new thing. I am thankful that we have another tool to temporarily help relieve the pain. Definitely recommend this product to Moms!

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