Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bringing the Beach into Our Backyard

My girls are quite happy to have some beach-like fun in our backyard yesterday. We got them a new Step 2 sandbox, bags of sand, buckets and shovels, and sea shells to complete the set! This time of the year is the best time to stay out in the backyard and do all water play. Thanks also to Pampers Rewards Program which allowed us to own a Step 2 water play (yay, free!!!).

I couldn't be more happier than seeing my girls happy and having fun. Fi's excitement playing in the water play made her squeal almost the entire time, splashing the water with her hands. Evie was content hiding, digging, and finding her sea shell treasures in the sandbox.

I have some plans for our backyard for them. I want to create an area where they can play. Planning to get some gravels to cover the mud on the ground. Our backyard is infested with burs, therefore not too safe for our girls. Gravels or rocks should help. I am just doing all these projects in my mind one at a time. We're still not done with our princess-themed room for the girls (almost there though) and it slashed our budget quite a bit. But I know in time, we will get there with our future projects.

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