Friday, May 3, 2013

I Want to be a Music Robot

Evie told me this morning she wanted to be a music robot. I asked how we can do that. She suggested that we make a music robot costume out of a box. So there I was scouring our garage to find a box that fits her. Luckily we have tons of boxes in store and was able to find one for her.

I cut holes for the entrance, head, and arms. She requested that I draw batteries on the front with specific colors and should be in order: purple, yellow, green. Of course, her wish is my command. That's what mothers do (sometimes) for their kids :)

I thought everything was done, but she asked me to make the robot's head. Good thing we have a paper bag from Winco hiding under the sink, and that was perfect. Made holes for the eyes and mouth. And to complete the head, we had to draw the hair.

So, here's the finish product -- my little music robot!

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