Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fi is 11 Months Old Today :)

Our sweet little "big" Fi turns 11 months old today. Each day that comes and goes by, we discover more amazing things about her.

The Walker

Fi is a good walker now. She walks several steps without falling, picks herself up whenever she falls. There are times when she walks so fast (looks like running) when she sees us chasing after her because she has some "naughty" plans in her mind.

The Thinker

My husband and I talked about tonight what we observed about Fi--she thinks and plans. She figures out how to push away the stuff we used to block her way to the kitchen and the hallway. She uses tools, steps onto it so she could reach the thing she wants on the table. Last night while she was playing with her musical toy, we noticed that she likes specific tunes. She listens to it, finishes the song, and presses it to listen again. She plays with their cube puzzle and tries to move one piece to another end.

The Observer

Giver her a comb and she will try to comb her hair. Giver her a headband and she will put it on her head. She observes and copies us.

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