Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teething Pain on Wee Hours

Fi woke me up around 3:45 in the morning today. She was crying...and drooling. I tried to put her back to sleep on our bed but she had a different plan. She was in the playing mood. In able to not wake her Dada up, we moved to the living room.

She settled down for almost an hour by watching Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. For some reason, Fi likes Bubble Guppies. She was clapping her hands as the show started. She was very tired and the big pillow on the floor was her temporary comfort.

She started to fuss again after an hour and she wouldn't let me put her down. She just wanted the comfort of my embrace. Gave her anything I can find for her to chew on. Few worked for a little bit. But time came where she didn't want anything anymore. She threw everything I gave her. Very very tired and at the same time so upset of the pain in her gums. She was awake for almost two hours. She finally fell back to sleep while I was rocking and singing to her.

I love this part of motherhood. Sacrificing a few hours of my sleep to attend to my baby's needs is no big deal. I decided not to go back to bed. Instead, I worked out so early. Great feeling!

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