Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 5 of Fever, Cough, and Breathing Problem

Watching one of their favorite shows.
Yup, today is day 5 of our girls being sick. Everyone was up and about so early in the morning (around 5). It's not the Pritchard's typical waking time. I heard Evie groaning in her sleep. Based on past experience, I knew that her breathing was the reason of her noises. My husband gave her Advil for her fever. I got up, check her breathing, and gave her the treatments that she needed.

My silly one sticking out her tongue.
Seeing your children not in their normal physical condition is no easy --specially for my Evie whose "asthma" is always an issue everytime she gets sick. Evie still has on and off fever. We give her breathing treatment every four to five hours. She's also into antibiotics due to her ear infection which we found out on her visit to the pedia last Friday.Honey helps soothe her throat which is irritated from coughing and phlegm
Chillin' on Mama's arm.
Our little Fi still has cough and runny nose. Been two days now that her temperature went back to normal. I had to change her shirt three times yesterday because they're soaking wet from her drool. She spent most of her night on our bed these past (sick) days. She needs the comfort of our presence asleep, or just the feeling of security when she touches both me and her Dada.

Both still has low appetite. Fi does not finish her bottle. Evie barely eats. I am praying that this sickness will end sooner this week. I want my little ones healthy again.

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