Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fifi Turns 1!

My precious little, "big" Fi turned one last week. How time flies by so fast. That once tiny little pod in my tummy is day by day turning into a person.

 We greeted Fi with a birthday song when she woke up in her crib. Hair's all over the place. Little tears on her eyes (she woke up crying). But after she heard us (Ate Evie, Dada, and Mama) singing to her, that frowning face turned into smiley, and perhaps a little confused of what was going on.

Birthday surprise was prepared in their playroom. She was greeted with a toddler life-sized plush Mickey, Mickey pillow, and wrapped presents. She went with the pillow first, and threw herself on it. Her attention moved on to the huge Mickey Mouse sitting on the princess chair, gave it a big hug, and pinched Mickey's nose. Fi is a big fan of Mickey, so she got special Mickey presents. Her other presents are Bubble Guppies plushes and DVD. Fi likes  Bubble Guppies a lot too!

I made her a birthday cake, full of icings. And yes, her breakfast was indeed filled with sugar. 

Took her to a brunch at Flancers, and immediately proceeded to the Children's Museum in Phoenix. She had a great time. I think her favorite place in the museum was the room with lots of balls in it. She's just fascinated with all the rolling balls in plastic pipes. She waited by the place where the balls end in a bucket and picked up as much as her tiny hands can hold.

We decided to stop by at Baskin' Robbins Ice Cream shop so she could have ice cream, as well as everybody. She's still unsure about ice creams. She likes it, but, don't like it. I know. It's kind of confusing. She likes it because it tastes good, but she doesn't like it because it bites her tongue. You know what I mean. :)

Celebration with Family and Friends

Friends and family members gathered together on Saturday at the Tempe Beach Splash Pad to celebrate her birthday. Was very happy walking around with all the water play. It was very hot, but, the cool water and sunscreen helped neutralized the scorching temperature. Overall, it was a very fun day, specially for the birthday girl.

12-Month Physical Wellness Check-up

Fi keeps growing and growing. Her wellness check-up says it all. She's in the 97th percentile (47.7 cm) of her head circumference, 95th percentile (31") in height, and 60th percentile (21.12 lbs) in weight. She got 3 shots and thankfully she handled it so well.


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