Thursday, May 23, 2013

Virus in the House

Both girls are sick. Evie woke up several times and coughing last night. After I gave her allergy and cough medicine, her cough kept waking her up. When we noticed that her voice was hoarse, we decided to check her temperature. She's got a fever. Fi woke up because of the noise in the bedroom. Her Dada decided to check her temperature too, and yes, she's also got a fever. We were all active around three in the morning, and thankfully were all able to go back to sleep after an hour or so.

Sick Dad

Ryan has been sick for days now. Symptoms: cough, chest congestion, body ache, joint pains, hoarse voice. We concluded that the girls have gotten of what he has.

Appetite Down

Both of my girls appetite are down. Fi refuses to finish her bottles. She only ate one of her "treats" which she likes so much. Luckily she ate the food I gave her for lunch. I went ahead to give her juice mixed with water and she drank some.Evie did not eat lunch. She had watermelon, juice, and water. She had a few pretzels, pineapples, and juice for snacks.


Tylenol for Fi and Evie, Delsym and honey for Evie's cough,  and breathing treatments. Thanks to these medications that help ease their physical discomfort.

Doctor's Appointment

Their daddy is on his way to the urgent care because his physical discomfort is getting worse. My husband does not really go to the doctor unless he feels terrible. Because of this, we will be taking the girls to their pedia tomorrow, just to make sure that they are taken cared of before something bad happens.

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