Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sisters' First Trick or Treat

My girls had their first ever trick or treat and dress-up pictorial. Evie was Tinker Bell and Fi was Rapunzel. Took them to JC Penney Portraits one day to get pictures of their cute outfits. I was hoping that our Evie will cooperate with the pictorial since she doesn't like it when all attention is on her. Well, she did most of the time and later got exhausted of being told what to do. It was a wrong timing for Fi too. She hadn't nap and was tired. So, most of her pictures are "smile-less." We're still thankful that we're able to get her to smile on some.

I love their outfits! I got Evie's from Disney Store last year while it was on sale. Evie's wings and shoes light up. Absolutely perfect at night during trick or treat. Her dress glows in the dark and I only found out when we got home from trick or treating when I turned off the light. That was a total surprise. Fi's dress was also a Disney Store brand but got it from eBay in a very good price. Her Rapunzel shoes were so pretty and fit perfectly on her little feet.

Halloween 2013

Haven't thought of what characters the girls will be next year. We thought that since Evie will be already four years old and has already a mind of her own, she gets to choose what costume she wants to wear. But the final say still depends on us. Probably, we'll just give her choices instead. That way, we are sure that she wears what's appropriate. I don't know what I want for Fi either. Another princess dress? I am still undecided. I'll see. I might be able to come up with something.

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