Monday, October 15, 2012

Fi Rolling Over

Finally, I was able to take a video of Fi rolling over! Since yesterday whenever we put her down on the floor, she rolls over. Everytime we put her back on her back, she always goes back on her tummy. Seems like it's something that she can't stop doing.

Sleeping on Her Tummy

In one of her naps today, I caught her sleeping on her tummy. I freaked out and immediately flipped her on her back. But right after I did that, she rolled over on her tummy again and tried to go back to sleep. I started to get worried so I called my husband. Thankfully, he reminded me of the time when our eldest went through the same stage three years ago. What happened with Fi today felt like the first time. Glad I have someone to revive my memory. I guess I just have to check the little one from time to time to make sure she's still breathing. I'm a mother and therefore a paranoid. :)

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