Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fi's First Solid Food

We gave Fi her first ever solid food last week. We couldn't wait until she turns six months old. She has been showing signs that she's ready for solid food. There had been a lot of instances lately where her eyes couldn't keep off of us whenever we're eating. She'd move her mouth as if she was chewing something. We teased her by pretending to give her food. She would try to grab the food from our hand and put it in her mouth. We had to be quick for the food not to be gorge in by a eager-to-eat-solid-food infant.

Rice Cereal

Like Evie, we gave Fi rice cereal for her first solid food. We mixed it with her formula and made it in a soupy consistency. She was a little unsure when she tasted it. But later, showing interest and telling us that she liked it. It's funny how she grabbed the empty bowl of rice cereal and tried to chug it down.

As of this writing, I am just feeding her rice cereal once a day. Maybe next week I can start making her mashed fruit or vegetables. We'll see how she will like a flavorful treat.

To know when to give your baby solid food, check out this link: Introducing Solid Food.                                


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