Friday, October 12, 2012

4 Months Old and Growing

Our Fi turned 4 months old last week! She had her doctor's wellness appointment last Tuesday (October 7) and got another 3 shots and oral vaccine. Well, our "little big girl" weighs 2lbs heavier from two months ago. She is now 16lbs heavier! When it comes to how tall she is right now, she grew 2 inches more from August, making her 26 inches in height! She definitely is a "big girl." I think she is going to be bigger and taller than her big sister.

Yummy toes!

Rolling Over

Surprisingly, Fi rolled over for the first time this morning! Yay!!! What an exciting milestone at her stage right now. She actually doesn't spend a lot of time on the floor. She's usually in her exersaucer, bumbo, or my lap. So, I'm quite happy that despite the fact that she does not lay on the floor a lot, she's finally able to roll over today. I tried to take a video of her doing it, but everytime she noticed me taping, she stops. She's still not expert in rolling over. I believe that in few days she will be as long as I let her spend more time on the floor from now on. Way to go Fi! :)

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