Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fi is 2 Months Old

Yup, you're looking on the same baby. :)

My little Fi just turned 2 months old. I couldn't believe how much she has grown physically. She responds to us a lot now with her coos and smiles. She loves to smile so much which melts my heart everytime she does. I'd usually shower her with kisses all over her face when I see those cute dimples on each cheeks. She can already support her head and definitely needs a bumbo seat so she could look around and see what's going on around her environment. She's a very strong (physically) girl. When she was only a week old, she tried to stretch her legs to stand up while we gave her a bath. It's kind of crazy sight for me, but, that's what she did. And she did it for weeks whenever we gave her a bath. We let her stand on her feet when she wants to. It's one of the physical activities she likes doing. Not really a fan of tummy time. Whenever we put her on tummy time after she ate, she usually falls asleep. Not sure how much she weighs now. We'll find it out on her next wellness check-up on the 21st together with her Ate Evie. :)

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