Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bumbo Seat Recall: Get Your Free Repair Kit

Parents are alerted today by the media regarding the Bumbo baby seat voluntary recall. My first child used the Bumbo seat when she was an infant, and my second child is using it too (as you can see in the picture). We actually just got her new Bumbo seat days ago and was shocked by the recall that was announced today. My eldest never had an accident while using the seat (thank God!) when she was a baby. We made sure that the Bumbo was placed on the floor and not on any elevated place. Of course we are doing the same precaution for our Fi. As my daughter's 24-hour caretaker, I keep my eyes on her while she's sitting on her Bumbo throne to ensure her safety.

The Bumbo recall website says that "infants can maneuver out of or fall from the seat, posing a risk of serious injuries." Therefore, a restraint kit is needed which can be installed by parents themselves. If you are a parent who bought a Bumbo baby seat for your infant, you can get a free repair kit for free! All you have to do is fill up the form and wait for 2-3 weeks to receive the restraint belt kit. Please click Bumbo Baby Seat Free Repair Kit to get yours now.

To check the press release from the CPSC regarding this info, check: Bumbo Seats Recall.

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