Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evie Turns 3!

My Evie turned 3 last Saturday! Time flies so fast, she is now a "big girl!" The night before her birthday, my husband and I were busy wrapping the presents and decorating her room. We made sure that we locked the room just in case she decided to get up and go inside to play.

She had a great birthday morning because of the surprises we prepared for her. The moment she saw the room, she didn't know how to express her excitement except for saying "I love you." Surely melt my heart.

We celebrated her birthday at her favorite McDonald's with Minnie Mouse theme. All that she's wearing, from head to toe, are Minnie's! She actually likes Daisy more than Minnie. But we couldn't find a lot of Daisy merchandise, so we wound up getting her Minnie stuff instead. She was so happy to see her friends (Olivia, Kaitlyn, Emma, Caroline, AJ) and cousin Marcus. She got to play with them for a while.

Evie didn't blow her birthday cake candles at all. She didn't understand the attention that was given to her by everyone. She's not used to it. So her Dada helped her blow the birthday candles.

Opening of presents was fun. It's amazing to see the expression of her face when she liked the present that she opened. She got tons of Minnie toys.

No-Stress Birthday Party

The preparation of her birthday party this year was stress-free compared to last year's. We decided to hold it McDonald's because it's too hot outside for her little sister Fi even with water play.  Celebrating her birthday at McDonald's was awesome. We had a great deal! For $60 we were provided with 10 kid's meal (which include toys), balloons, party hats, and cake! She was also given a card wherein she will get one free meal every month! And not to mention the play area which the kids enjoyed the most. We provided lunch for parents and family members who came to celebrate.

With how it was easy the preparation of her birthday party this year was, we might stick to it every year. We'll see.

A Mother's Grateful Heart

I thank my Father in heaven for blessing Evie a very beautiful year. She rough times due to some trips in the hospital because of her allergies, but everything was well taken cared of by Him who loves her the most. I am a mother with a grateful heart. Looking forward for another awesome year for my little, big girl! :)

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